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Hi! I'm Penny Ross and I love to design. I've been in the graphic design business for over 8 years now. I graduated from Mississippi College with a B.S. degree in Graphic Design in 2013 and my internship was at the Central Mississippi Medical Center. I have mainly worked in Print companies where I would be required to whip out designs for anything from business cards to wedding invitations to ginormous signs and anything else in between that you could possibly imagine, with a very fast turnaround time! Because of this, I'm extremely fast with my initial designs; however, I prefer to build those out with the guidance of the client to polish it up and become a masterpiece that we can both be proud of!


I consult on social media campaigns for local, non-profit organizations such as RISE and I stay on the move! I have a wonderful, supportive, amazing husband, 4 cats and 1 dog, and I am a major geek, so I may occasionally drop a Dungeons and Dragons or anime reference accidentally in any given conversation. I have so much fun freelance designing and I always look forward to serving others with the gifts God has given me and the skills I've acquired with years of experience!


Let me make you look good!

Freelance Graphic Designer | Penny Ross Designs

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